Friday, March 07, 2008


And UNLIKE the painting of an EXTINCT creature below, this one we have in profusion - unfortunately introduced from Asia and filling many of our rivers. They are a real pest. But beautiful.
. . . and naturally, I'm using a thick layer of shellac again, which really brings out the dusky gold.
. . . it could all turn to custard if the varnish doesn't dry smoothly. Love the combination of gold and rich blue.


SOLD 7 Oct 08

This is my Moa painting - done about a month or so ago, the start of what was going to be 'extinct birds of New Zealand' series, but typically, maybe the only one. In case you don't know what a Moa was, check it out below - it was pretty exceptional, and was hunted to extinction a couple of centuries ago by the Maori.I wanted to do a friendly type painting which looked a bit like a child's early alphabet. . . and I wanted an excuse to use shellac for the first time. I really slathered it on the beak.