Monday, September 29, 2008


Finally, after all this time, another painting! This is an acrylic on wood - deep sides - with some collage work in the book, and varnished warmly in shellac, for that golden high gloss glow.
I wanted to convey the exciting and pleasurable experience gained recently through a pile of books I've found - like discovering a vein of silver in the mine at last. The different worlds that open up, the brilliance of the colour and life, and the juxtaposition against my own rather dull greyish existence (hah!).

JUST SOLD 7 Oct 08

Amended Carp pic

I've amended this painting - I just felt the background was getting in the way, and I like the toned down nature of the white in this now. And the play on words: Carpe Deum actually means 'God is a Fish', when I wanted in fact Carpe Diem, which means Seize the Day. Either way, it works!